Lotus International Trade Development Company, with registration no. 532869, and bearing the international brand “EXIR,” is one of the largest holdings on an international level, which entered the Middle East trade arena aiming to develop economy and commerce. In 2009, with an understanding of macroeconomic conditions, the highest level of expertise, and with the help of seasoned experts, the company was founded in the fields of business, international exchange, and construction as well as gold, jewelry and precious stones on an international level, and so far has had numerous achievements. These include successful international construction projects (carried out according to state-of-the-art technology), successive accomplishments in international exchange markets, and a decade of massive gold, jewelry and precious stones export from the Middle East to Europe and the Far East, to name but a few. The main approach of the company’s executives is to identify international economic challenges. Aided by a competent and expert staff and targeting global trade development, the company works hard to remove the existing barriers.