The activities of the Lotus International Company are as follows:


  1.Business and Trade

Lotus Company’s business and trade directors, among them the most prominent Middle East economic experts and highly experienced international traders, have performed business spanning a wide range, including but not limited to export from the Middle East to the Far East, Europe, and the United States. Additionally, in terms of imports, they have tailored their operations to the needs of destination countries, based on an extensive and up-to-date knowledge of the globe. In this field, they have focused mainly on the export and import of food products (saffron, pistachio and dates), pharmaceutical items, construction materials (cement, etc.) and automobiles from known European and Asian carmakers. They also send commercial items made by world-famous companies without any restrictions as to the origin and destination country. As the company enjoys a high level of expertise on an international level, it obtains all commercial documents and required licenses from legal and official authorities of any given country in accordance with applicable laws of that country, before the company embarks on economic and commercial operations. Thus, the company engages in no activity that is not in accordance with applicable rules and regulations of international trade



By relying on their unmatched capabilities and two decades of experience in implementing public and private mass privatization projects in Iran, the UAE and Canada, Lotus’ senior civil engineers have taken significant steps in the fields of privatization and private enterprise. Projects such as the Palladium Commercial Complex, Parsia and Pasargad high-rise buildings in the 22nd District of Tehran, the Iranian capital, as well as large-scale projects in major cities of the country in the framework of Brilliant Project —so far their number exceeds ten— is proof that Lotus is fully capable of designing and implementing huge construction projects in line with state-of-the-art technology in the shortest possible time. Also, residential and office projects in Dubai, the beating heart of the Middle East economy, are indicative that the company’s abilities know no bounds.